Help for Hire

Dying for a night off from the kids? Shirts need ironing? Got an outstanding DIY job you can’t face finishing? Filthy car? Household chores piling up? Why toil away when you can pay someone else to do it and support a good cause at the same time! That’s right – Faye and I are willing to do the things you don’t want to do. All money will go to Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), a fantastic charity, who have been working to eradicate poverty for almost 60 years. You can read more about what we’re doing here.

Faye washing up all of your dishes

Faye washing up all of your dishes (Tom will dry and put away)

Below you will see a list of the kind of things we are willing to do with some suggested prices. However, we are open to ideas. If you need something doing, we are probably willing to do it!  We will be in the UK until Sunday 2nd October. If that’s too soon, you can always pay a 100% deposit and we promise to complete our tasks when we come back in May 2017.

Service Suggested Donation
Clothes ironing £1 per item
Babysitting for an evening £30
Packed lunch prepared for 5 days £35
Cleaning your car £10 (£15 including inside)
Cleaning your house £30
Walking your dog £10
Painting and decorating / DIY Negotiable
Mowing the lawn £15
Waiting in for a delivery (can be combined with cleaning) £10
Deep cleaning of oven, Fridge, Freezer £10
Chef for the evening £15 per person
Feeding your pets whilst you’re away Negotiable

Book us by either contacting one of us by your preferred method, or if you don’t know us personally, just put a comment on the blog with your contact details and what you want doing (we won’t publish the comment, so your information won’t be public).

Tom ironing all of your clothes with tiny ironing board

Tom ironing all of your clothes with a tiny ironing board

An unexpected detour: next stop Ghana

For two people who have a tendency to plan to meticulous excess, our time away has been an exercise in letting things just happen. In Greece, nothing would ever take place in the way, or at the time, we expected. Everything is in constant flux, with projects, camps and activities opening, shutting and changing completely from one day to the next. Can’t move whatever it is you’re doing 10 miles down the road at no notice, you’re not going to be much use when the tents and people suddenly move on!

In Athens, with nobody telling us where we needed to be and when, we embraced the lack of planning. Interesting projects and ways in which we could be useful always turned up just at the point at which we weren’t sure what we might be doing the next day. And it’s in that vein that we wanted to let you know about a pretty unexpected change of plans for the rest of our time away.

Detour sign

As many of you know, we considered a number of options before deciding to spend time volunteering with refugees. One of the alternative plans involved applying for roles with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) but these didn’t come through… well, until now!

In the last 3 weeks, we have been offered a very big and very sudden change of plans. VSO has found us both roles in Northern Ghana and, after plenty of consideration, we decided to go ahead and take them.

Subject to references, visas, medical checks and a whole lot of admin and training we’ll now be living in Tamale from October for around 7 months, working to support the development and accessibility of education in the region. Tom will be implementing an IT programme in schools to give teachers access to better resources; I will be getting involved in communications, fundraising and research for a different education project focused on maintaining school attendance of adolescent girls and disabled pupils.

ghana-and-ghana-in-africaIt’s with real sadness that we won’t be going back to doing more voluntary work in support of refugees now. It was a tiring and difficult experience at times, but something that we have been so glad to be part of and an area we hope to stay involved in even if we can’t be working on the ground. It’s also with excitement that we now get ourselves ready to head out to Ghana – knowing that for the whole time in Greece, it was the projects we never ever planned to get involved in that turned out to be the best!

For those of you who kindly donated to our fund, there is some remaining money received after we left Athens, which we promise will be spent as soon as possible on projects working with refugees. We hope to make a short aid trip out to France in the coming weeks if we can. We will also pass some donations on to a few of the amazing organisations we were associated with in Greece.

Now (sorry!) we need to ask you for money again. To help VSO to get us trained up, sent out and supported in our new roles, we need your help. We know so many of you have already been incredibly generous in supporting what we’ve been doing so far. But if you can donate to help us reach our target of £1600 for VSO, we would be forever grateful!

A few more blogs on our time in Athens will follow in the next few weeks. After that, we hope you’re looking forward to hearing news from Ghana.